EYE 2023 Program

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Congratulations to the Pitch Competition Winners!

Wendy Roundtree – Founder, Lead Strategist of Jarel Communications

EYE Pitch Competition Winner

Anna Cobb – CEO of Rejuvenation

EYE Pitch Competition Second Place

Subena Colligan – Principal Consultant of EHS Transformation Consultants

EYE Pitch Competition Third Place

Congratulations to the Pitch Competition Finalists!

Wendy Roundtree

Will Johnson

Keisha Brewer

Anna Cobb

Sabina Colligan

Current Calendar – add these dates. More dates to come. Look in each month’s modules for the Zoom info for the live calls.

May 30 12 – 1:30PM ET: Orientation  

June 9 IFEL survey  due (Find below in pre-program module)

June 12-June 23: Workplan Worksheets – IFEL 

June 14 10:30 AM -1PM ET: Brooke Foley – Understanding the DNA of Your Brand 

June 15 10:30 AM -1PM ET: Brooke Foley – Build a Better Brand Story and Your Pitch Deck 

July 12 11 AM – 1PM ET: NMSDC Certification Process and Maximizing the Value of Certification

July 24 12 PM – 1PM ET: Check-in Call with LaSonya Berry

August 8 1pm-2pm: Cohort kickoffs with Corp/Corp+ Advisors

August 16 1pm-2pm: Cohort kickoffs with Corp/Corp+ Advisors (For those that got the calendar invite)

August 25 12pm-2pm: Fill the Funnel for Business Growth and Sales Optimization

August 31 Noon: Update call with LaSonya

September 17 Pitch video deadline

September 22 12pm-1:30pm ET: Bobby Robinson – Understanding the Importance of Trademarks & Copyrights

September 29 12pm-1:30pm ET: Bobby Robinson – Mergers and Acquisitions

October 4 12:30-2:30 PM: Pitch Feedback Session

October 6 Time 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm ET IFEL Pitch Hackathon for matchmaking

October 16 at 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM: Brooke Foley – Reflecting on Your Business DNA 

October 19 2:30-3pm Know Before You Go conference prep call with LaSonya

October 22-October 25 NMSDC 2023 Conference 
Location and other conference details are here: https://www.nmsdcconference.org/2023/

October 25: Top 5 pitch competition  

November 8 12pm-1:30pm ET: Katrina Turnbow Understanding your Analytics 1

November 9 12pm-1:30pm ET: Katrina Turnbow Understanding your Analytics 2

November 30 12pm-1:30pm ET: Karima Mariama-Arthur, Esq. Effective Communication

December 5 11am – 1:30pm ET: Mary Grate Pyos – Protecting Your Business & Assets

Dec 15th noon ET: Jeff Hoffman – Getting to the Next Level

January 11 12:30pm-1pm ET – EYE Update Call with LaSonya

January 2024 TBD LaSonya Berry – Strategic Planning Masterclass  

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