Checklists for End of the Year

We know the end of the year can be stressful with lots of loops to complete and details to finish. We have created two checklists to help you navigate this season.

Checklist for Employees

Decide on and order gifts for clients and/or employees.

  Make lists of what you need to get done before the end of the year and schedule focus time to work on them.

Enjoy the holiday party – but no excessive drinking, dressing inappropriately, kissing or posting non-flattering pictures about your co-workers.

Confirm your holiday schedule at work.

Is there anything you can schedule before you go on vacation so that you do not come back trying to catch up or feeling overwhelmed?

Will anyone be working while you are on vacation? Communicate with them before you leave. Summarize in an email the items they would need to focus on.

Let clients know you will be gone and when you will return.

Set up your out of the office reply – give yourself an extra day in the autoreply so you have a day to catch up when you return.

Unplug on your vacation.

Checklist for Managers

Prepare for performance evaluations and schedule them on your calendar with the respective employee.

Decide on which projects to finish up and focus on for the remainder of the year.

Make sure everyone knows about the holiday time off and prepare to fill in any spots that need filling in

Review and update any position descriptions.

Order any year-end supplies.

Any year end bonuses? Address them before the festivities begin.

Make a list of your department’s accomplishments this year.

Look over budgets.

Get in contact with the leadership team so you know the company’s goals for the next year. You could brainstorm your approach with less distractions.

Break down those goals to what you need to do in your department.

Brainstorm solutions for any team problems you are noticing.

Have fun and enjoy your downtime.

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