Baring all at work

The temperature is rising and the summer has begun. With the summer heat comes the increase challenges of baring too much at work. Employees push the limits with the dress code during the summer months.

From flip flops to spaghetti straps, the employees violate the dress code. The greatest offenders are usually women because of the many fashion choices but the men have been known to make dress changes in the summer as well.

Faux pas include boat shoes with no socks, shirts not tucked in, or the pants fresh from the dryer that are slightly rumbled. Inappropriate attire shows a lack of professionalism and could negatively impact your career. Managers face the daunting task of having conversations with these individuals. In either case, the dress code policy does not change in the summer.

Here are some tips for heading off the unpopular dress code violation conversation:

  • Remind employees about the dress code policy before the summer season begins.
  • Address violators immediately and be consistent with all employees.
  • Ensure all managers are being consistent in administrating the dress code policy.
  • Include discussions of the importance of business etiquette and professional attire in staff meetings.
  • Use your company monitors to show examples of what not to wear in a fun way.
  • Offer a required workshop or online course that is conducted annually similar to compliance training.
  • Ensure you are being a good role model of the behavior expected.

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